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Cynthia Koller, CAA           409-500-4990             Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm  


I can help you address any issues 

Need a Sales Tax number or EIN # for your new business and need directions - I can help 


Custom Fit to your needs 

It is straining on a Business owner to have to not only run the business but manage the accounting - a lot are over qualified but unfortunately are overwhelmed with the action of doing bookkeeping while having to actually work their Business. This leads to backlog in accounting and before you know it - BOOM TAX TIME again! 

You are not alone hundreds of others are struggling with this as well. Let me help you 

Financial Planning

Need your Financials in order for new growth oportuninties or just peac of mind? Find you need to plan for a large expense and don't know where you are - Have never seen a P&L or Balance sheet but your lender needs one????

That's what I do! 


There is a lot involved with payroll and not reporting gratuity or 1099 workers is a risky venture and could lead to serious complications - Not sure if you are in compliance with this and struggling to get all of the processes down 

Get a Clear View! 

It's always a good idea to conduct random audits to ensure all your books are balanced and nothing is fishy. 

See where you are 

Know where you want to be 

Take steps to make that Happen!